Add Value to Your Home with a New Roof

real-estate-soldA new roof packs a double whammy punch in terms of adding value to your home. A new roof brings both personal and financial value. While a new roof is a significant home investment for the majority of homeowners, getting the most value depends on the quality and integrity of your roofing company. Your roofer must be experienced in new roof installation techniques and use high quality roofing shingles and materials. Technology and manufacturing have advanced to the point where your new roof can last a lifetime if professionally installed and maintained.

The personal value comes from the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about leaks and compromised protection. A well-installed roof is far less likely to fail (read: leak) and require extensive (read: expensive) repairs. Protecting against leaks and proper ventilation safeguards your personal possessions and interior structures.

In our experience working, a new roof is an investment that homeowners consider for quite some time compared to other home maintenance expenses. They are encouraged to get at least three roofing estimates, verify referrals and licensing and insurance, plus there are roofing shingle types and colors to choose. It’s quite a bit to digest, but well worth the time and effort in the end. It’s a relief to know you won’t be dreading the rainy season anymore because of roof leaks.

A new roof adds immediate financial value now and down the road when the home is sold. The new generation of roofing shingles is meant to last a lifetime and offer outstanding fire protection. The fire rating depends on the brand and manufacturer. This level of protection is attractive to insurance companies. Check with your agent or your homeowner’s policy. A new roof could reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

New roofs are much better insulated and ventilated today than in the past. It’s common for homeowners to see reductions in their energy costs after installing a new roof.

When you get a new roof, you’re also adding value in the eyes of others. The first thing an agent will do before putting your home on the market is run comparables to establish a listing price. Comparables show the price at which similar homes in your area sold. Let’s say your home is very similar to others for sale in your neighborhood. With all things equal, homebuyers are more likely to put an offer on the home with the new roof.

Homebuyers prefer buying a home that is less likely to require additional big expenses. A newer or new roof is one less thing homebuyers have to worry about. Another selling point that adds value is ability to transfer a lifetime roofing warranty to the new owner.

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