Free Roofing Estimates – Comparing Apples to Apples

How to Compare Apples to Apples When It Comes to Roofing Estimates

apples-2-applesRoofing quotes from San Mateo and Santa Clara county roofing companies can vary from a verbal roofing estimate to resembling a legal document. Roofing quote prices can be just as dramatically different. As a homeowner you want the best roof for the best price. But it can be difficult, to say the least, to choose the right roofer when roofing estimates are unalike.

One homeowner, and now a satisfied past customer, had narrowed his choice down to two Bay Area roofing companies, Signature Roofing, Inc. and a competitor. After reviewing our roofing quote, he felt comfortable choosing Signature, yet the other estimate was a bit lower for what seemed like the same roofing job.

Signature Roofing, Inc. is very competitive with our roofing quotes so we met with him to compare the estimates and see why ours was higher. Side by side, it was clear that we weren’t comparing apples to apples. The two roofing quotes were more like apples and oranges.

The other roofing companies estimate failed to address several important services included in our roofing quote:

  • No high definition ridge cap, which provides a thicker, cleaner, more finished look at the roof peaks
  • No tarping the garage interior, the swimming pool, and the attic furnace to prevent damage
  • Installing softer aluminum gutters instead of stronger 26 gauge galvanized steel gutters and downspouts
  • No installation of pre-painted, factory-finished valley and edge metal flashings
  • No installation of intake venting
  • No “Stormguard” underlayment in a section of roof with a shallower pitch
  • No covering the roof the same day that the old roof is removed

These roofing services are not extra “bells and whistles.” These are roofing basics that all reroofs should include for maximum value and durability. Once the differences were accounted for, a small amount remained between the quotes. We agreed to split it and Signature Roofing, Inc. gained another happy, relieved customer.

It’s far easier to compare apples to apples when your roofing estimates come from reputable roofers who’ve stood the test of time in the roofing industry. At Signature Roofing, Inc., there’s no reason our roofing quotes can’t be competitive. We purposely put philosophies and process in place like:

  • No commissioned salespeople
  • The best vendor material pricing
  • Most accurate aerial measurements
  • Specialization in your type of roofing
  • Among the lowest liability and workers compensation rates due to an excellent safety record
  • Low warranty and recall costs
  • Low employee turnover

You can make an informed decision when you’re able to accurately and fairly compare roofing quotes. It’s recommended that you get at least three estimates. We hope one of them will be a Signature Roofing, Inc. free roofing estimate.

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