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Roofing Contractor Scams

California Laws Protect Homeowners and Target Roofing Contractor Scams

The California Building Code applies to every roofing contractor and roofing work performed in the state, including Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. The Code is comprised of the regulations that promote safe roofing practices. Beyond spelling out best practices, roofing contractors must follow the Codes. Specifically, the Code mandates that:

  • A roof contractor hold a valid license
  • A roofing contractor must get a permit in cities that require one
  • The contractor must show proof of liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance

California Laws Protect HomeownersThe Code applies to anyone performing roofing work valued at over $300.00, including materials and labor. The Code exists to protect homeowners from unscrupulous roofing contractors who either don’t perform the work at all or do a shoddy job. However, it’s the homeowner’s job to do everything possible to ensure their roofing contractor is up to par.

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Pressure Wash Roof Shingles?

never use a pressure washer on your roof shinglesWhy You Should Never Pressure Wash Your Roof Shingles

You come home one day and your neighbor’s roof looks spectacular and so clean! It can’t be a new roof because roofers haven’t been there. So what is it? The neighbor had their roof pressure washed. Now you’re thinking of having your roof “cleaned” too. After all, his roof looks brand new, and well…yours doesn’t.

Stop right there. Your neighbor just made a huge mistake. Never, ever under any circumstances pressure wash your roof shingles on your own or pay a company to do so. Sure, it’s tempting to want to get any moss, algae, dirt, etc. off of your roofing shingles. But pressure washing your asphalt roof will do more harm than good. Yes, it will make it look sparkling clean, but also you’ll end up replacing the roof system sooner rather than later.

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Choosing a San Mateo Roofer?

5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a San Mateo Roofer

check-list-10809810_sDid you know that roofing is among the top five complaints the Better Business Bureau receives? How about the fact that a majority of roofing companies go out of business within 2 ½ years after opening?

We’d be willing to bet that if you interviewed homeowners filing BBB complaints or scrambling for a new roofer to repair the old roofer’s mistakes, you’d find a common thread. When they chose their roofer, they made one or more of the following mistakes.

1.  They took the roofer’s word for it instead of a written roofing estimate and roofing work contract

It’d be great if you could take people at their word. But unfortunately you can’t. Even if the roofing contractor is as warm and kind as a grandmother, always insist on getting what was promised in writing. With the… Continue reading

Add Value to Your Home with a New Roof

real-estate-soldA new roof packs a double whammy punch in terms of adding value to your home. A new roof brings both personal and financial value. While a new roof is a significant home investment for the majority of homeowners, getting the most value depends on the quality and integrity of your roofing company. Your roofer must be experienced in new roof installation techniques and use high quality roofing shingles and materials. Technology and manufacturing have advanced to the point where your new roof can last a lifetime if professionally installed and maintained.

The personal value comes from the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about leaks and compromised protection. A well-installed roof is far less likely to fail (read: leak) and require extensive (read: expensive) repairs. Protecting against leaks and proper ventilation safeguards your personal possessions and interior structures.

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