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Do you know how much to spend on a new roof? How to choose the right roofer? What to expect during installation? Most people don’t. That’s what a lot of roofers are counting on.

No Annoying Sales People. No Disrupting Your Schedule

We can give you a roofing estimate in just a day or two. You don’t need to be home (unless you really want to) because we use aerial photos and satellite technology for measuring. It’s more accurate that way. Plus, we don’t damage your roof by walking on it and pulling up the flashing.

You can also download our 17-page guide, The Roofing Process. It’s included with our estimates, but you can get it now if you’re in the planning stage. When the time comes, you’ll know what to expect and what to look for.

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Get a Fair Roofing Estimate from Signature Roofing, Inc. in a Day or Two

FREE estimate includes material, labor, permits and sales tax—no surprises later.

If you like the quote, all it takes is $100 deposit to get started. Some roofers require a $1,000 or more.

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Do Any of These Problems with Roofers Sound Familiar?

The roofing estimate is higher than you expected

Roofers know that most homeowners get one estimate. So they can overcharge and customers never know. True story: A homeowner signed a $32,000 contract with a popular Bay Area roofing company. Then he called Signature Roofing, Inc.. He had our estimate the next day–$15,000 less.

The roofing estimate is lower than you expected, suspiciously low

Roofers underbid for many reasons. They hire cheap subcontractors who can’t be held accountable for their work. They install inferior or less roofing material than they should. They don’t carry (or pay) for insurance. It’s a pop-up company wanting to do a lot of cheap roofs fast before disappearing.

The roofer doesn’t offer a workmanship warranty

Some roofers say the manufacturer warranty is enough. It’s not. Those warranties only cover shingles, which rarely ever fail. Installation is usually the problem, and manufacturers do not cover that.

The roofer says pulling permits isn’t necessary or wants you to get them

Permits and city inspections help make sure the roofing is installed properly. Home inspectors want proof when you sell your home. Do not obtain them on your own or you’ll open up a can of liability worms. Insist your roofer pulls them.

The roofer wants a $1,000 deposit or more to buy materials

A reputable and financially stable roofer has the funds and line of credit to get materials without requiring you to pay for it before delivery. If a roofer insists, then give the payment directly to the vendor, not the roofer, or you may never see your money (or the roofer) again.

The roofer claims to have liability and workers’ comp, but hasn’t shown proof

If they have it, they prove it. If they won’t give you copies, they probably don’t. Hiring a roofer without proof of insurance puts your personal assets at great risk.

If you want to avoid all the hassles and inconveniences you’ve heard about working with roofers then you need Signature Roofing, Inc..

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The Trusted Bay Area Roofing Company for a Roof You Can Depend On

Fair, Reasonable Estimates

No damaging your roof. No price gouging. No rearranging your schedule to be home. We use aerial photos and satellite technology for more accurate measuring and estimates. Then we visit for an inspection and go on your roof only if necessary. Our roofing estimates include everything so you know the real cost.

Manufacturer Certified Installers

Signature Roofing is factory certified for GAF and CertainTeed.

One of the Best Workmanship Warranties in the Bay Area

Our 10-year, $5,000, fully transferable workmanship warranty is practically free of legal jargon. We’ll fix any leak at no cost and pay up to $5,000 for needed repairs to any sheetrock, painting and insulation. The shingles are covered by 40-year or lifetime manufacturer warranties.

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Understanding How Roofing and Roofers Work Saves You Thousands on a New Roof and Thousands More on Repairs Later

The more you know about the roofing process, the better you can protect yourself. You’d never allow someone inside your home without knowing what he’s doing. Why should a roofer be any different just because he’s outside on your roof? Our 17-page guide explains what you need to know about roofing—from what to look for in an estimate to clean up and warranties.

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certainteed CERTIFIED

Everything About Us is an Open Book

Signature Roofing, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. Our certified roofing crew has installed nearly 6,000 roofs across San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Feel free to check our ratings, our licenses and our proofs of insurance. A reputable roofing company has nothing to hide.

About us:

  • We carry $2M in liability insurance and required Workers’ Comp
  • We are state licensed in good standing with a complaint-free record
  • We hold a valid business license in your city
  • We obtain building permits and schedule city inspections
  • City building inspectors know and respect our work
  • We follow all city building codes and work hour regulations
  • Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating since 1993