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GAF and CertainTeed Asphalt Shingles

Living on the Bay Area’s San Francisco Peninsula, CertainTeed’s and GAF’s asphalt shingles are the best and smartest way to go. Asphalt roofing shingles (also called composition roofing shingles, fiberglass asphalt shingles, architectural roofing shingles, designer roofing shingles, and dimensional roofing shingles) have important advantages over other types of shingles.

  • Beautiful aesthetics and curb appeal: asphalt shingles’ shading creates a rich, dimensional look and shadows for a high-end textured look
  • Long-lasting durability: this generation of asphalt roofing shingles have lifetime warranties and can be walked on without causing damage
  • Fire protection: these asphalt shingles have an “A” fire rating, the best on the market
  • Light weight: asphalt shingles usually weigh less than wet shake roofing shingles for less stress on load bearing structures
  • Less temperature fluctuation: with proper attic ventilation, asphalt shingles mean no noticeable change in indoor temperatures, especially in our climate

GAF and CertainTeed Dimensional Roofing Shingles

The most popular roofing shingles for our customers is the GAF Timberline. These dimensional asphalt roofing shingles are an economical choice and come in a wide range of colors with a lifetime warranty.

GAF Timberline HDZ or CertainTeed Landmark are the most economical dimensional roofing shingles we generally quote. They have upgraded versions like Timberline UHDZ or CertainTeed Landmark PRO which are slightly thicker versions with enhanced blue-green algae protection and enhanced coloring and/or shading for a visual effect. If you want even more dimension look at CertainTeed’s other options Landmark Premium and Landmark TL.

For those that are after a more textured look, see below, options like CertainTeed Presidential / Presidential TL or GAF Grand Sequoia / Grand Canyon.

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CertainTeed offers the Landmark series is similar to GAF’s Timberline shingle series. Landmark shingles rival Timberline in price, warranty and colors. Landmark Series offers four levels of high performance asphalt shingles in weight and thickness. The heavier the roofing shingle, the more depth, thickness and dimension it offers. All four offer the exceptional value of the industry’s toughest fiberglass mat, the strongest materials available and the best warranty. Landmark Series asphalt shingles endure time and weather beautifully. They come with CertainTeed’s exclusive StreakFighter warranty, protecting your roof from streaking that can be caused by airborne algae. Signature Roofing will install Landmark roofing shingles for the same price as equivalent Timberline shingles.

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Of the Landmark Series, Landmark TL is the thickest and is considered a high-quality triple-laminate shingle that emulates the telling beauty of wood shake roofing. Aesthetic features include a high-contrast color palette and random tab designs with natural shadow lines that create an enhanced visual dimensionality.

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GAF and CertainTeed Luxury Roofing Shingles

GAF-Elk’s Grand Sequoia Lifetime Designer roofing shingles are “Safer than wood shakes because they are UL Class A fire rated!” These roofing shingles have a fantastic appearance via a patented, extra-large design with oversized shingle tabs help create a realistic wood shake look. Its extra strong Micro Weave® core provides outstanding performance in all climates. Grand Sequoia roofing shingles come with a lifetime warranty.

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GAF’s Grand Canyon roofing shingles are only a fraction of the cost of traditional slate or expensive wood shake shingles. Artisan-crafted shingle shape combined with oversized tabs and a dimensional design results in a sophisticated beauty unmatched by typical asphalt shingles. A specially formulated color palette accentuates the roofing shingle’s natural appeal.

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CertainTeed’s official name for this series is Presidential Shake roofing shingles. Don’t let the name fool you. The Presidential series is an asphalt shingle that has a lifetime warranty and replicates the look of a cedar wood shake roof.

The Presidential series comes in two versions: regular and Presidential TL Ultimate. The regular version is a two- laminate roofing shingle and the TL is a thicker tri-laminate roofing shingle. In fact, you won’t find a thicker asphalt shingle than the TL because it would be too heavy for most homes in our area.

Along with two-tone shading (light and dark) for dimension, Presidential roofing shingles include a zigzag pattern in the design, creating shadow lines that make the roofing shingle appear from ground level even thicker than it already is.

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Solar Reflective Shingles (Title 24 compliant)

Both GAF and CertainTeed offer Title 24 compliant shingles in our area. Two examples are GAF Timberline Reflector Series and CertainTeed Landmark Solaris. With blending technology and innovative performance these shingle offer a wide variety of vibrant color options that help to reflect solar energy and radiate heat better than traditional roofing shingles.

Most cities on the peninsula are requiring Title 24 compliance with certain home projects and although reflective shingles are not mandatory for re-roofing projects it may be a different story in the coming years. With that in mind GAF and CertainTeed are looking towards the future.

The reflective shingles are currently available in the most popular shingle styles and for a little bit more in price offer reflective technology that reduces thermal shock and meets Title 24 cool roof requirements.

Open Timberline HDZ Reflector Series

CertainTeed offers Solaris for select product lines.

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See What These Asphalt Roofing Shingles Look Like in Real Life

Selecting your roofing material can be confusing. It’s less so if you can see what the roofing shingles look like in real life. Visit our Roofing Projects page and pick a roof type and city to get a list of homes in your area that have a Signature Roofing, Inc. roof. Then drive around and see the possibilities. There are plenty of Timberline, Landmark, Grand Sequoia, Presidential and Grand Canyon roofing shingles in your area.

You can also download our comprehensive Roofing Process Guide or request a FREE roofing estimate or call us at 650-598-5444 to answer any of your roofing questions.

certainteed CERTIFIED

Why Just Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt roofing shingles are installed on 90% of sloped roofs in our area. There are good reasons for that.

Wood shake roofs: expensive with a short life span

  • Double the price of a Timberline HD roof
  • California law requires that the roof has a minimum fire-retardant treatment—a chemical bath
  • Fire-retardant treatment dries out the wood fiber, shortening its life

Tile roofs: too heavy for most homes and cracks easily

  • Most Bay Area homes aren’t designed to hold the weight of a tile roof – even the “lightweight” concrete tile roofs
  • Tile is expensive
  • Almost impossible to walk on without breaking or cracking tiles

Stone-coated steel roofs: fire hazard, increasing prices, difficult to maintain

  • Concerns about interior fires spreading under metal roofs
  • Increasing steel prices drove up costs
  • Difficult to find experts to clean your gutters or chimney, paint your house, etc. that involved walking on the roof—that’s dent-prone

Synthetic roofing products: the latest experimental roofing that failed

  • Made from recycled rubber tires, recycled currency, recycled plastics and other polymers
  • Came with great warranties in the 90s, but all were quickly discontinued
  • Google “class action” and Cal shake, Cemwood, Nature Guard, Hardi shake

If you choose another roofing shingle other than asphalt, find a specialty roofing contractor to install the shingles and be prepared to pay a premium for the expertise.