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Roofer Warranties, Liability Insurance and Permits

5 Roofing FAQs Every Homeowner Should Know About Roofing Warranties and Roofer Liability Insurance & Permits

rooferWhen you’re getting a new roof, you can never ask too many roofing questions. The quality and thoroughness of the roofer’s answers cannot only help you understand the roofing process. It also gives you a sense of the roofer’s quality and level of customer service.

 Sure San Mateo and Santa Clara County roofing companies field roofing FAQs day in and day out. But when you’re choosing your roofing company, you want to work with a roofer who is patient, understands that roofing isn’t something you do every day and answers your questions until you’re completely satisfied.

Most homeowners’ roofing questions center around the roofing process, roofing materials, colors and pricing. Those are important for the short term. However, there are roofing questions you should ask about warranties, liability insurance and permits to… Continue reading

Don’t Hire a Residential Roofer Without Proper Insurance

Never, Ever, Ever Put Yourself at Risk by Hiring a Residential Roofer Without the Proper Insurance

A roofing contractor shows up at your home to give you a free roofing quote. The roofer seems like a nice enough guy and his roofing estimate is even nicer—hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, less than the roofing estimates you’ve received from other San Mateo County roofing companies. Stop! Before you sign a roofing contract or give a roofer a deposit, give serious thought about why this roofer’s bid is so unbelievably low.

So you flat out ask. Maybe the roofer admits that he can under bid other roofers because he doesn’t “spend a lot of money” on overhead costs like commercial general liability insurance. The roofer says he’s just got a few guys working for him so insurance isn’t necessary. Perhaps residential roofing is his side job to earn a little extra… Continue reading

How Much is Too Much to Pay a Roofing Company for a New Roof?

A true story about a roofing contractor charging $15,000 more than Signature Roofing, Inc. company

A majority of homeowners hire a roofing company once or twice in a lifetime. Since a new roof isn’t something you buy every day, how much to pay for a roof can be a mystery. Roofing company quotes can vary by thousands of dollars.

Homeowners face overpaying roofing contractors for a roof other roofing companies would install for less. They also face roofing contractors who underbid other roofing companies, but cut corners on roofing materials or work quality to keep costs down.

It doesn’t have to be this way when you’re hiring a roofing contractor. One homeowner can attest to that personally. He accepted a $32,000 roofing quote from a well-known Bay Area roofing company. The homeowner felt the roofing quote was a little on the high end, but had no other roofing estimates for… Continue reading