Roofing Estimates

Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

You Should Consider a Roof Replacement When…

Choosing roof repair or roof replacementChoosing between a roof replacement and a roof repair can be a difficult decision to make for San Mateo homeowners. On one hand, you don’t want to spend money on repair only to have to replace the roof sooner than you expected. On the other hand, you don’t want to invest in a roof replacement when a few repairs would have solved your roofing problems or leaks.

So how do you know when you should repair or replace? It’s easier in some cases than others. Some of the most common reasons homeowners decide on a roof replacement are the age of the roof, whether or not it the shingles were properly installed, improper installation techniques, inferior roofing materials and storm damage.

If none of those apply, head outside and take a look with a pair of binoculars. (We seriously advise against walking on… Continue reading

Roofing Contractor Workmanship Warranties

What Do Materials and Roofing Contractor Workmanship Warranties Really Mean?

Reroofing your home usually involves two types of warranties. A roofing material manufacturer issues a material defect warranty. The roofing contractor issues a workmanship warranty. In tandem, both warranties work together to provide you comprehensive coverage. However, warranties and what they do and don’t cover vary. So, what do roofing and workmanship warranties really mean? Here’s a general rundown that’ll help you understand.

Manufacturer Material Warranties

quality-seal-signature-roofingThe National Roofing Contractors Association released a Consumer Advisory Bulletin stating:

“A roofing warranty’s length should not be the primary criterion in the selection of a roofing product or roof system because the warranty does not necessarily provide assurance of satisfactory roof system performance. There is a common misconception by roofing consumers that long-term warranties are all-inclusive insurance policies designed to cover virtually any roofing problem, regardless of the cause or circumstance. Even the… Continue reading

Choosing a San Mateo Roofer?

5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing a San Mateo Roofer

check-list-10809810_sDid you know that roofing is among the top five complaints the Better Business Bureau receives? How about the fact that a majority of roofing companies go out of business within 2 ½ years after opening?

We’d be willing to bet that if you interviewed homeowners filing BBB complaints or scrambling for a new roofer to repair the old roofer’s mistakes, you’d find a common thread. When they chose their roofer, they made one or more of the following mistakes.

1.  They took the roofer’s word for it instead of a written roofing estimate and roofing work contract

It’d be great if you could take people at their word. But unfortunately you can’t. Even if the roofing contractor is as warm and kind as a grandmother, always insist on getting what was promised in writing. With the… Continue reading

Wondering How to Choose a Roofing Company?

Choose a Roofing Company Like You Would a Doctor

woman-doctor-12080067_sYou don’t hire a roofer everyday. You hire a roofing company maybe once or twice in a lifetime. So it’s completely understandable when homeowners just aren’t quite sure what to look for in a roofing company. A good rule of thumb is to hire a roofer like you would your doctor—check credentials, get referrals from people you trust and insist on professionalism.

So how to choose a roofing company?  First, you want to hire a roofer in good standing that includes the community, the state, your local government and the Better Business Bureau. How do you check whether or not the roofing company is in good standing? A roofer should always give you a contracting license number. You can verify its validity online or by calling your local government office. Search the Better Business Bureau’s database for a… Continue reading

Free Roofing Estimates – Comparing Apples to Apples

How to Compare Apples to Apples When It Comes to Roofing Estimates

apples-2-applesRoofing quotes from San Mateo and Santa Clara county roofing companies can vary from a verbal roofing estimate to resembling a legal document. Roofing quote prices can be just as dramatically different. As a homeowner you want the best roof for the best price. But it can be difficult, to say the least, to choose the right roofer when roofing estimates are unalike.

One homeowner, and now a satisfied past customer, had narrowed his choice down to two Bay Area roofing companies, Signature Roofing, Inc. and a competitor. After reviewing our roofing quote, he felt comfortable choosing Signature, yet the other estimate was a bit lower for what seemed like the same roofing job.

Signature Roofing, Inc. is very competitive with our roofing quotes so we met with him to compare the estimates and see why ours… Continue reading