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Common Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

Stupid Things People Do On Their Roofs

Common roofing mistakes to avoidCommon roofing mistakes.  Let’s get the really foolish things out of the way first, then we’ll move on to the not so obvious ones. Of course, it’s never a good idea to use your roof as a diving board for your pool or trampoline, or a launching pad for anything like rockets, skateboards, etc. Hollywood movies and TV shows might promote the roof as the perfect place for such things, but common sense and potential for broken bones tell us otherwise. Ironically, those most likely to use the roof for such activities (teenagers) are the ones not likely paying to repair the damage caused.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the stupid things people do to or on their roofs that may seem like the right thing to do at the time, but aren’t. So don’t drag out that ladder… Continue reading

Signs of Aging Roof Shingles

What to Expect as Your New Roof Ages

Signs of aging roof shinglesYou have more in common with your roofing shingles than you realize. Your roof will change its appearance and age over the years, just like we do. Even a one-year old roof looks different than a roof installed last month. Normal weathering and appearance changes are par for the course. Even if your roof is just a few years old, you may notice signs of aging roof shingles like cracks or blistering. Rest assured that these are common occurrences and do not indicate your roof will fail or was installed improperly.

More often than not, the roofing shingles are simply aging or curing and are still providing excellent protection for your home from weather and other elements. Even though there’s no magic formula or coating that can stop your roof from normal wear, you can keep an eye out of potential problems… Continue reading

Beware of Storm Chasing Roofers


Signature Roofing, Inc. Advises San Mateo and Santa Clara Homeowners to Beware of Storm Chasing Roofers

The Bay Area rainy season brings uninsured, uncertified and inexperienced roofers to neighborhoods, seeking roofing work from unsuspecting homeowners whose roofs suffered wind or rain damage or experienced leakage.

BELMONT, CA. January 22, 2014 — Signature Roofing, Inc., a residential roofing company serving San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, warns local homeowners to carefully check a roofer’s background and reputation before agreeing to roof repair or replacement. The warning comes with the rainy season, which attracts roofers who collect insurance checks and perform poor roofing jobs, leaving homeowners without recourse should the work be subpar.

Storm chasers are roofing companies that trail severe weather around the country, installing new roofs or repairing roof damage caused by severe weather such as excessive wind, rain or both. These non-local roofers take homeowners’… Continue reading

Roof Damage Due to Holiday Decor?

How to Decorate for the Holidays without Damaging Your Roof

If the phrase “holiday decorating” conjures images of Clark Griswold climbing on roofs and hanging hundreds of strings of lights in the movie “Christmas Vacation,” consider taking a different approach. What the movie doesn’t show is the part where Clark has to spend his bonus pool money replacing his roof.

We all want our homes to be the envy of our neighbors during the holiday season, but it shouldn’t have to come at the expense of our roofs. There are several easy ways to avoid damaging roofs and still have the most festive house on the block.

When hanging lights and other decorations, safety should be your number one concern. It would be pretty hard to enjoy holiday cheer hobbling around on crutches with a broken leg. So avoid installing decorations at all if it is windy… Continue reading

5 Most Common Roofing Scams

Don’t Hire a Roofer Until You Know the 5 Most Common Roofing Scams

In a perfect world, you could trust any roofer and eat all the ice cream you wanted without a gaining a ounce. However, we live in the real world and just like in any field, there are roofers you can trust and those you can’t.

Knowing the 5 most common roofing scams can prevent you from becoming a victim.

pushy-salesman-9969147_s1. A salesman representing a roofer going door to door.

Salesman is the key word here. These aren’t roofers. They specialize in selling. Maybe they’ll promise a free roof inspection. They’ll probably find something wrong, perhaps cause some damage themselves. Then they’ll offer you a free estimate, or sometimes even a free roof.

Trustworthy roofers are busy. They don’t have time to solicit business door to door because they’re too busy doing work that was referred by satisfied… Continue reading