Roofing Maintenance

Common Roofing Problems

Three Most Common Bay Area Roofing Problems

Common roofing problemsLiving in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, we homeowners are spared from dealing with the common roofing problems that those living in other parts of the country experience. We don’t have hurricanes blowing our roofs off. We don’t have ice dams forming and creating gaps for leaks. We never worry about hail damaging our roofs. And we’ve never dealt with tornado winds ripping shingles away. Even so, Bay Area homeowners do have a few common roofing problems with which to contend.

  1. If you have a home with a roof of any sort, you have the potential for a roof leak. Oftentimes, you aren’t aware of the leak until it becomes noticeable water damage (like paint discoloration or wetness) on your interior ceiling or walls. Roof leaks occur for any number of reasons—aging shingles, damaged shingles, blocked gutters, rotted decking, curling shingles, animals… Continue reading

Common Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

Stupid Things People Do On Their Roofs

Common roofing mistakes to avoidCommon roofing mistakes.  Let’s get the really foolish things out of the way first, then we’ll move on to the not so obvious ones. Of course, it’s never a good idea to use your roof as a diving board for your pool or trampoline, or a launching pad for anything like rockets, skateboards, etc. Hollywood movies and TV shows might promote the roof as the perfect place for such things, but common sense and potential for broken bones tell us otherwise. Ironically, those most likely to use the roof for such activities (teenagers) are the ones not likely paying to repair the damage caused.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the stupid things people do to or on their roofs that may seem like the right thing to do at the time, but aren’t. So don’t drag out that ladder… Continue reading

Signs of Aging Roof Shingles

What to Expect as Your New Roof Ages

Signs of aging roof shinglesYou have more in common with your roofing shingles than you realize. Your roof will change its appearance and age over the years, just like we do. Even a one-year old roof looks different than a roof installed last month. Normal weathering and appearance changes are par for the course. Even if your roof is just a few years old, you may notice signs of aging roof shingles like cracks or blistering. Rest assured that these are common occurrences and do not indicate your roof will fail or was installed improperly.

More often than not, the roofing shingles are simply aging or curing and are still providing excellent protection for your home from weather and other elements. Even though there’s no magic formula or coating that can stop your roof from normal wear, you can keep an eye out of potential problems… Continue reading

Repair or Replace Roof?

Do You Need to Repair or Replace the Roof Before Selling Your Home?

Repair or replace roof shinglesUnless you can see the sky through a gaping hole, the question to repair or replace your roof before putting your house on the market isn’t an easy one to answer. And even with a gaping hole, the answer isn’t so cut and dry. Even then, it could be sold as-is or as a total rehab/tear down.

For our purposes, let’s assume your home will be an ordinary resale—the new buyer will occupy it.

You definitely want to get the most money for your home. And you most definitely don’t want to pour money into replacing or repairing a roof that you won’t living under. Now, look at it from the buyers’ perspective. They don’t want to invest thousands in a roof repair or replacement, especially after buying a home. The condition and age of your roof… Continue reading

Asphalt Roofing Shingles Maintenance

Roof Maintenance: Show Your Asphalt Roofing Shingles a Little Love

show your roof some loveWhen it comes to roofing shingles, nothing works harder than asphalt protecting your home from the elements and asking so little in return. So little in fact that it’s easy to take them for granted. But even the oh-so-durable asphalt needs some tender loving care occasionally.

Debris, sun, wind, rain and the passage of time wear down and can eventually damage asphalt roofing shingles. Though shingles today are meant to last a lifetime, if properly installed and maintained, a roof inspection is in order every few years.

A roof inspection does two things: 1] checks up on the roofing system’s integrity;  and 2] identifies any minor repairs or maintenance needed to keep the shingles in tip top shape.

Roofing shingles by nature can collect a fair amount of debris. Leaves, needles, dirt and dust, toys and trash… Continue reading