Common Roofing Problems

Three Most Common Bay Area Roofing Problems

Common roofing problemsLiving in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, we homeowners are spared from dealing with the common roofing problems that those living in other parts of the country experience. We don’t have hurricanes blowing our roofs off. We don’t have ice dams forming and creating gaps for leaks. We never worry about hail damaging our roofs. And we’ve never dealt with tornado winds ripping shingles away. Even so, Bay Area homeowners do have a few common roofing problems with which to contend.

  1. If you have a home with a roof of any sort, you have the potential for a roof leak. Oftentimes, you aren’t aware of the leak until it becomes noticeable water damage (like paint discoloration or wetness) on your interior ceiling or walls. Roof leaks occur for any number of reasons—aging shingles, damaged shingles, blocked gutters, rotted decking, curling shingles, animals doing damage, flashing that doesn’t fit or is damaged around the valleys, skylights, chimney, etc. to name a few. It’s common for where the leak appears and where it actually shows itself to be completely different places. Water runs down until it hits an obstruction, then it backs up and permeates the walls, ceiling or floor where you see it. It’s also common for the leak to have been happening for a while. By the time a homeowner notices it, the leak could have caused damage inside the walls or attic.
  2. For homes in the hills or very treed areas with little sun, fungus, algae and mold can grow on shingles. Usually this is nothing to cause alarm, but it can ruin a home’s aesthetics and make the roof look older and more worn than it really is. If the presence of fungus, mold or algae bothers you, it can be cleaned with a solution of bleach of water. But we don’t advise that homeowners tackle the job. Cleaning it off can cause harm to your roof if the asphalt granules are blasted away. You’ll end up with a leaking, albeit clean roof. If a new roof is being installed and the old one had fungus, algae or mold issues, materials like zinc and copper strips can be used to prevent them from returning in the future.
  3. Improper installation of roofing shingles is the most common roofing problem we encounter and also our biggest peeve. Improper installation is a common cause for leaking and a shortened roof lifespan. Roofers who cut corners and improperly install roofs give the profession a bad reputation. There are roofing companies out there, like Signature Roofing, Inc. that take pride in their work and stand behind their warranties.
    It takes expertise to install a long-lasting durable roof. That level of expertise comes only with many, many years of being in the roofing industry. The best way to ensure your roof is installed the right way is to be diligent in selecting your roofing company. Check their references, credentials and licenses. Most bad roofers don’t last long, but longevity in the business isn’t always a true indication of their skill. A better gauge is how long their roofers have been with the company and whether or not the roofing company outsources the roofing installation or has full-time employees on every job.
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