Roofing Estimates Could Damage Your Roof

Did You Know Getting Roofing Estimates from Other Roofers Could Damage Your Roof?

Roofing estimates could damage roofUnless the roofing company is experienced and extremely careful during the roofing inspection process, getting a free roofing estimate can cause damage to your roof that you didn’t have previously. Homeowners need to be aware that some San Mateo and Santa Clara County roofing companies’ roofing estimate practices should be avoided.

Common free roofing estimate activities to look out for include:

  • Walking on your roof, which causes old, brittle shingles to crack and leak
  • Leaning ladders against gutters scratches and dents them
  • Pulling back flashing during a roofing inspection loosens it, creating leaks you didn’t have before
  • The risky potential for a lawsuit if the roofing company’s estimator falls off or injures himself while on your property for a free roofing estimate

What should a roofing company do instead to give you a free roofing estimate?

Instead of leaning ladders against your house and walking on your roof, Signature Roofing, Inc. company uses aerial photos and satellite technology for more accurate measuring and quotes. Then we visit your home for a visual inspection and only go on your roof if absolutely necessary. Our method protects your roof’s integrity, while providing a more accurate free roofing estimate.

Signature Roofing, Inc.’s free roofing estimates include:

  • All material, labor, permits and sales tax costs
  • A list of homes we’ve roofed in your area so you can look at roofing shingles, colors and quality in the “real” world
  • Our Roofing Process Guide—17 pages of must-have info, especially if you go with another roofing company

Caution: Don’t let any roofing company on your roof unless you’re 100% sure you’ll reroof before the next rainy season hits.


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