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My husband went in search of numerous roofing quotes several months ago and they ran the spectrum from the ‘right’ price but kind of sketchy to double the lowest price with lots of marketing and a hard sell along with the higher price. We gave up for a few months and didn’t think about it until we mentioned needing our roof done to our realtor. He said, ‘I just used Signature Roofing, Inc., you’ll like them.’ Trusting his always good recommendations, we got a quote (which was very fairly priced) and said, ‘How soon can you start?’

This would be my one complaint: I didn’t feel like I had a good understanding of when they were going to schedule us. Once handing over the deposit we waited, and waited, and waited. Three and a half weeks later I finally emailed to find out what the schedule was like and was told it would be a few more weeks. The wait time would have been a non-issue if I had been informed right away that I would go a few weeks without hearing from them and an approximate time of when they would schedule us.

Ultimately they had a schedule shuffle and let us know the day before they were able to start that they were able to come do our roof. Luckily the (apparently not normal) short notice worked for us and they came to put a tarp in our garage then finished the roof in the next three days.

I would recommend Signature Roofing, Inc. to a friend because they were the right price and they were quick. Cleanup was fairly good (hard to be perfect on this!) and all my beloved plants were intact though some had a near miss. The roof looks great so we are happy!

– Alanna R.

My daughter and I both had the co. do our roofs.  We were very happy with their work.  Each day they cleaned up before leaving and always responded to phone msgs. within minutes.  I would definitely hire him again and would recommend him to all! A pleasure to do business with them.

– Ginger Ricca

Great. George and William are extremely communicative and followed up every question and kept me posted on progress. The workers were nice, extremely hard working and kept things as clean as can be expected during the entire process.

– Robin Lesley

William took time in the beginning to explain the steps they would follow to replace our roof and gave us a free estimate. He also emailed me a guide to replacing your roof, which was very helpful. Once we got a date set, they got a permit from the city and in 4 days we had a new beautiful roof. They showed up on time every day and when they finished each day, they cleaned up all the debris and hauled it away. I think that our walkway and drive were cleaner when they left then when we began!  The men replacing the roof were also very professional and courteous. There were no problems passing the roof inspection.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking about replacing their roof.

– Rebecca Bates


They re-roofed my parents’ home and did a wonderful job. From the initial meeting my parents knew how professional they were and appreciated the information up front. There were no hidden costs; the job was done as promised – quick and efficient service and high-quality work. Highly recommend them!

– Analisa S.


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